Our Carquinyolis are made with natural products, elaborated by hand in an artesian manner and baked in the wood-fired oven, 100% natural, with neither additives nor conservatives, certified with the Q of Food Quality.

(4 boxes of 225 g/unit, to be chosen among the different types of Carquinyolis)
  Almond Carquinyolis
Hazelnut Carquinyolis
Pistachio Carquinyolis
Walnut Carquinyolis
Almond with Chocolate Carquinyolis
Whole Meal Almond Carquinyolis
Almond without sugar Carquinyolis
Coconut Carquinyolis
Almond with coffee Carquinyolis
Macadamia nuts Carquinyolis
Banana Carquinyolis
Cinnamon and almond Carquinyolis
Papaya and pine nuts Carquinyolis
Almond and spices Carquinyolis
Carquinyolis bag
Carquinyolis bulk
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